Ten Lectures in Linguistics


Ten Lectures in Linguistics

Maria Stambolieva, NBU, Sofia, 2020. 160 p.



The textbook 10 Lectures in Linguistics offers a concise and accessible introduction to the field, designed to arouse reader interest and encourage further study.

Major contributors and contributions are presented, with the structuralist and formal approaches highlighted. Topics covered are both general – such as communication, human language development, major theories of language, levels of linguistic analysis – and more specific – as e.g. the structural types of morphemes, the linguistic status of the word, the organisation of the Lexicon, the analysis of phrase structure and syntactic movement.

The clear structure and language of the lessons and the interactive approach adopted by the author make the textbook suitable for a wide range of audiences taking their first steps in the science of language.



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ISBN 978-619-233-139-9 (online)